The Sew Weekly Reunion

because we missed it…

Where’d the time fly?

Veronica Darling Cardigan

Hi there! I’m amazed at how quickly time flies, aren’t you? When we’re creating and building and archiving our lives & projects all the time, we’re sometimes living in each moment and looking forward to our next creation! When I’m on a sewing roll, I am overjoyed by what I’ve just finished, as I cut the threads I almost always remark ‘THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER MADE’ to myself! But I also can’t wait to make the next thing. And the next.

Since Sew Weekly 2011, and my handful of garments in 2012 for the Sew Weekly, I have been slowing my life down, instead of speeding ahead to the next fix of sewing! I’m s-l-o-w-l-y ramping it up again, but if you haven’t noticed, in 2012 I had my first baby. A little bouncing boy, who is the happiest person I’ve ever met and also my new best friend! We spend so much time together and I love each moment, because (it’s a cliche but true) his life is moving very fast already, and I’m loving each and every step of his journey. Babies grow so fast, and he’s almost a toddler now at 10 months!

Veronica & Baby

But YEAH for a reunion for us all! Now, what to sew & what colours to choose?

Becoming a Mama is pretty much the greatest, and there are different challenges finding myself in my child’s life… but physically & practically, my fashion & style has changed now I have a baby. I wear LEGGINGS (!) and tops and cardigans a lot more, and need access to different parts of my body (and quick!). What I’m really looking forward to with the reunion is seeing what vintage dress patterns you use (hopefully 50s & 60s) so I can drool over your garments as I cannot wait to wear a fitted dress again. Maybe my creation this time will have to be stretch knit? Or maybe that sateen stretch cotton? Any other comfort fabrics you’d suggest?


Well, until you see me again here, I’m still posting on my blog, but this year I’ve been reflecting on my new role as a Mama and showing you different sides to my life here in Melbourne! Looking forward to reading more TSW Reunion ideas & can’t wait to get into it!


About Amelia * Veronica Darling

As Veronica Darling, Amelia blogs about sewing in Shanghai where she moved with her little family in late 2014. She's been sewing enthusiastically since 2001. In 2016, join Amelia for blogging workshops at M on the Bund's Glam Bar.

One comment on “Where’d the time fly?

  1. lilbitbeth
    August 5, 2013

    This is awesome!!!! I can’t wait! I feel like I have had to give myself challenges, since Sew Weekly ended. I’m like a shaken soda can, ready to be opened! Yay!!!

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