The Sew Weekly Reunion

because we missed it…

What I’ve Been Up To…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I first participated in The Sew Weekly challenge!  This reunion is such a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with old friends and for us all to sew together again!  The Sew Weekly challenges were amazing, and I feel that I learned so much within that year and have kept learning since.

So what have I been up to since 2011?  I’ve kept up my regular blogging over at and am having a blast!  My day job got busier and I’ve taken on more sewing challenges.  Oh, and I started a social enterprise.  hahahaha.  There’s something about sewing weekly that makes other things seem easy.

My most recent sewing challenge is the 1940 McCall project.


My goal is to find and sew every single pattern that McCall produced during the year 1940!!  Crazy, no?  I’m loving it!  Here’s a snapshot of some of the patterns I’ve made so far:

Picture 16I’ve also partnered up with my good friend, Javita and we’ve started a social enterprise!  Javita and her husband run a charitable organization called the Nedan Foundation in Assam, Bodoland Territorial Council, India that supports an indigenous women’s weaving collective. Read this excellent guest post by Javita about the weaving collective, how it was started and the women weavers in Assam, BTC. This collective is important because it provides financial independence, support services and sustainable employment for women that have been victims of trafficking, that are living with HIV/AIDS or that are female migrant returnees.  Weaving Destination is really the culmination of my two passions: working to address the root causes of violence against women and children and being creative through sewing!  We’ll be launching the first fabric collection this month! I am so excited!!

David and I also just recently moved to a new place that we really enjoy and we’re spending lots of time together and enjoying the amazing Scottish sunshine this summer:

me and david

And of course, our lovely Echo kitty, sewing assistant extraordinaire–keeps us busy as well!


I can’t wait to start working on my Sew Weekly reunion project–I was just looking through my fabric today and debating whether to go with Acai, Vivacious or Carafe colours (or all three!)  Can’t wait to sew along with everyone!!!

xoxoxo Debi


One comment on “What I’ve Been Up To…

  1. Renay
    September 2, 2013

    hooray! cannot wait to see the new sewing eye candy!

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