The Sew Weekly Reunion

because we missed it…

How have you been? 别来无恙?


别来无恙 (bie lai wuyang) is a Chinese idiom often used at reunions. It literally translates to I hope you’re still as healthy as the last time we met. And I certainly hope that everyone is healthier than ever!

My life has changed quite drastically after Sew Weekly 2011. Due to family commitment, I had to temporarily ‘abandon’ my blog The Sew Convert for more than half a year in 2012.  A lovely and humorous reader thought I had become the Sew Re-Convert, back to not liking sewing after doing it non-stop in 2011. It was only at the beginning of this year that I started blogging again.

With my boy attending Primary 1 (Grade 1 in elementary school) and enrichment classes, I am still adapting to changes all too often.  So,  I have set a new and more realistic target of sewing 12 things for myself this year. A far cry from the 52 outfits in 2011. Looking back, contributing to the Sew Weekly in 2011 was a one in a lifetime opportunity for me. An opportunity I wouldn’t want to have lived without. The timing was right. Any other year and I wouldn’t be able to make such a huge commitment. I learnt so much and connected with so many wonderful and talented people like yourselves. None of my friends in Singapore sew and most people still look at me in disbelief when I tell them I sew my outfits.

Though my favorite fashion era is the 1940s,  I sew from both modern and vintage sewing patterns and here are some garments I’ve sewn for myself this year. I’m slightly more than half way to meeting my target.

2013makes 2013makes1

I think I’m at a stage where I am intrigue by different types of fabric. Their unique characteristics and ‘temperament’. Recently, I started experimenting with lace and mesh in some of my projects and that has gotten quite addictive.

In terms of new plans. I’m starting to be a pattern tester.  I think this experience is absolutely thrilling! To witness and be part of the pattern development process. Can’t wait to receive the pattern!

I also realized I spent a lot of time waiting. Waiting for my son outside his school, at his enrichment classes or my daughter at her ballet lessons. To spend my waiting time more productively, I’ve decided to start hand sewing dresses for my little girl and the Cambodian girl we are sponsoring to attend school. I don’t knit so I think this might be a good alternative.

I’m SO excited about this reunion and can’t wait to start sewing soon! Have you decided what colors to sew for your project? After days of going back and forth through my pattern and fabric stashes, I’ve narrowed it down to three vintage patterns and a couple of fabrics. In terms of colors, I am currently leaning towards a mix of Samba, Turbulence with a hint of Vivacious.

To me, what’s important is to relax, go with your gut feel and enjoy the whole process.

Happy sewing everyone!



2 comments on “How have you been? 别来无恙?

  1. Bethany
    August 9, 2013

    This is so exciting! I have been experimenting more with modern patterns lately. I still do vintage every once in awhile, but I’m trying to expand my talents and have a more day to day wearable closet. I am going with a shift dress with a fabric from my stash that has Turbulence, Deep Lichen Green, and Linden Green in it.

    • The Sew Convert
      August 9, 2013

      Exciting indeed! I try to expose myself to different pattern brands/ types of patterns and fabrics too. There is just so much wonderful things to learn in each project! Can’t wait to see your shift dress in those colors!

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